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The Red Cross’s big family reunited to celebrate the 40-year presidency of Prince Albert II.

Monaco Red Cross: French lessons for Ukrainians

Published on 19.09.2022

Since March 2022, the Monaco Red Cross, in conjunction with the Alliance Française, has been arranging French lessons for Ukrainian refugees. The lessons are free and intended to promote their social integration.

Here are a few testimonials:

Andrew is 31. His goal is to express himself better in French and deepen his knowledge, so that he is able to interact more easily at work. As far as he is concerned, it is essential that we play an active role in the country we live and that we learn the language.

Viktoria is 23 and comes from Kiev. Six months ago, she fled the war. She would like to thank her teacher and the Monaco Red Cross from the bottom of her heart for their warm welcome.

“I tried to learn French online on YouTube, but it was very difficult, whereas during the lessons, we do various exercises which help us make headway faster” explains Katerina.

“The students are highly motivated and pleased to come and study” explains their teacher. Although they come from various backgrounds, they are all keen to become integrated. The Ukrainian beneficiaries are extremely committed to learning the French language. For them it is particularly important to show respect for their host country.

The French teacher has seen all the students make substantial progress, especially in spoken French. “We have established a strong relationship and I will remain available for them, even outside lessons, in order to help them with their integration.” Lessons are set up in small groups according to their level (beginner, intermediate and advanced) which speeds up the learning process. They all want to thank the Monaco Red Cross and the Alliance Française for arranging the French lessons and activities proposed.

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The Red Cross’s big family reunited to celebrate the 40-year presidency of Prince Albert II.

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