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Rescue operations in the central Mediterranean

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Why not be a volunteer?

Why not be a volunteer?

Our solidarity actions could not survive without volunteers. To be a volunteer today is to take an active part in social, cultural and economic progress without any financial compensation.

Volunteer work is a personal commitment

Missions are entrusted to volunteers according to their tastes and abilities. Since one’s skills meet specific needs in a specific environment, everyone can help out according to their skills, for various reasons :

  • To find a proper place in the community,
  • To improve one’s knowledge,
  • To supplement a beginner’s resume,
  • To act upon one’s environment,
  • To occupy excess free time,
  • To open up to others,
  • To get involved with people not doing well,
  • To enhance one’s skills,
  • To maintain an activity and a status after retirement,
  • To exploit professional know-how…

Each at one’s own pace

From a few hours a month to a week per year or real half-time, volunteer work appeals to all types of availability, including occasional.

Students are not always available regularly during the school year, especially in the exam periods. Occasional full-time solidarity actions (a week-end, a week, fifteen days…) are better suited to them. These activities can mean so many opportunities for rewarding experiences – possibly in the form of training sessions – always connected to their initial training.

Working people can put highly specialised skills at the service of the community, occasionally or throughout the year.

Retired people are more available during the week “working hours”, and their experience makes them especially valuable for the daily operation of many associations.

Job seekers, while looking for a paid job, can maintain an almost professional pace with fixed hours and possibly gain additional experience.

Evaluating one’s availability

Outside the activity properly said, volunteers are invited regularly to information sessions, experience-sharing and distribution of tasks.

Reciprocal commitments

Volunteer work includes rights and duties, thus forming a true exchange between the volunteer and the Red Cross.

Our commitments :

  • To welcome and consider volunteers as fully fledged colleagues, give them clear information about our organisation, its objectives and its operation,
  • To entrust them with activities suitable to them,
  • To provide them with training and attendant measures,
  • To help them fit into the team and fulfil their potential. Cover them with adequate insurance.

Our volunteers’ commitments :

  • To accept the Principles and Values of our Movement and comply with our objectives,
  • To feel responsible and support the promotion and development of the I.H.S. and the Monegasque Red Cross,
  • To follow regularly the training sessions offered,
  • To carry on the activity selected with seriousness, discretion and regularity,
  • To collaborate in a spirit of mutual understanding with other volunteers and employees.

Becoming a volunteer

Amongst the numerous missions offered by the Monegasque Red Cross, there is necessarily one that will suit you!

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