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Violent earthquake in Morocco

Marocco : The Monaco Red Cross releases 100,000 Euros

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Although the Monaco Red Cross does not have the opportunity to take care of the war-wounded, prisoners of war, or victims of natural disasters within the Principality itself, it makes itself useful in many other areas where the humanitarian principles dear to Henry Dunant are applicable in all aspects of daily life.

Even in wealthier countries, distress situations exist which need to be alleviated: disease, age or a challenging situation are all cases where the Red Cross intervenes on a regular basis.

Although operating primarily in an area stretching just over 2km2, the Monaco Red Cross occupies a prominent place among the 192 national Red Cross and Red Crescent societies.

At the local level, the Social Service helps individuals living in Monaco and the neighbouring communities facing financial difficulties or who are confronted with emergency situations.

The Monaco Red Cross is active at the Rainier III Gerontology Centre and the Princess Grace Hospital to provide material assistance to in-patients by offering the poor a wardrobe, psychological support by handing out magazines, organising fun activities or quite simply by offering a listening ear.

It is also active in the Principality’s retirement and convalescent homes where the same activities are offered to residents.<0}

Special events for the elderly or the poor are organised at Christmas and for Monaco’s National Holiday.

The many volunteers from the first-aid section are active across all the first-aid stations during events organised in the Principality and abroad. This section teaches life-saving techniques to the public.

The Health-Prevention Section offers health professionals, doctors, and nurses the opportunity to conduct training and awareness activities for the people of Monaco.

Lastly, the Monaco Red Cross has always attached great importance to children and youth. Its day nursery accommodates 90 children aged 0 to 5, and its Pôle Avenir encourages young people to join the humanitarian association sector by developing various projects and hosts special events for the young generation in Monaco.

The International Humanitarian Section, dedicated to international action, focuses its action on sustainable projects in the social and health sector, in partnership with other national Red Cross societies. It is able to respond to the needs expressed by the most vulnerable populations at the three humanitarian aid intervention levels: Emergency-Rehabilitation-Development.


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Marocco : The Monaco Red Cross releases 100,000 Euros

The Monaco Red Cross releases 100,000 Euros to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in support of the Moroccan ...

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Violent earthquake in Morocco

Sunday 10th September 2023 Shortly after 11 pm on Friday 8th September 2023, a violent earthquake of approximately magnitude 7 struck Morocco, the ...

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