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Grand Prix 2021: the Red Cross comes up trumps!

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First aid training

Monaco is the pilot site for public defibrillators.

To fight sudden death and enable the public to use an automated external defibrillator is the mission that the Principality and the Red Cross are putting in place.

It is necessary to act quickly to save a victim, every second counts, defibrillators are in place but the Principality of Monaco needs everyone to use them. Proud of this initiative, Monaco wants to share with everyone the tremendous impact of this innovating and reassuring operation to save lives.

Let us get ready to be the first to act together!

Level 1 Prevention and Civil Security (PSC 1)

Since August 2007, PSC1 has replaced AFPS (Certificate of First Aid Training). The purpose of this training is to give citizens the essentials of first aid. Everyone can take part from 10 years old.

During the training, instructors simulate accidents (concrete cases) so that people will know naturally what to do. Totally free, this training takes place over 1 day and half  (9 a.m./12 a.m. – 1 p.m./6 p.m.) during the week-end. This training is a prerequisite to incoporate MRC’s rescue teams

They will gain some experience with every undertaking and will be able to demonstrate their skills.

Level 1 and 2 First Aid in Teams

According to their aptitudes, the Monegasque Red Cross will give them the training of “FIRST-AID WORKER”: PSE1 (Level 1 First Aid in Teams). From the time they reach that level, they will become a team member, able to use life-saving responses and specialised equipments related to the victim’s survival (haemorrhage, resuscitation…).

If the first-aid workers wish to continue their activity within rescue teams, they must improve their training. The instructors of the educational team, having passed the PAE 1, will have them take PSE2 (Level 2 First Aid in Teams), teaching them how to prepare victims, to immobilize and carry them to the place where they will receive medical care. Then the first-aid workers become “First-Aid Workers in Teams”.

Later on, if they wish and if they are skilled enough, they may follow the training of Emergency Coordinator to become in charge of a team. With time and experience, one day they may be brought about to supervise a more complex multi-team operation for large events.


Whatever the first-aid workers’ training level and seniority, their duty is to be kept up to date of first-aid techniques and new equipment. They must practice in order not to forget. To do so, team leaders take part throughout the year in various rescue simulations or the transportation of people on stretchers. They must retake the annual evaluation for each level obtained. The efficiency of the team depends on their skills.

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