Social Service


Increasing poverty, the economic crisis, the multiplication of precarious situations are so many factors that bring people to the Red Cross from all walks of life.

Listening to people, providing psychological support, giving guidance, helping them financially or physically, these are the fundamental missions of the social worker.

Thus, in 2010, more than 500 persons or families have received some kind of aid.

The social aid provided does not restrict itself to the only Principality of Monaco. It also includes the neighbouring towns (Beausoleil, Cap d’Ail, Roquebrune, La Turbie).

For this, it is imperative that the request comes from a person that can prove a professional connection with Monaco (having or having had a professional activity in the Principality). Applicants come on their own or they are referred by the Social Worker of a Monegasque or French organisation.

The Red Cross acts without any specific criteria except for the geographical location, as long as the request is, of course, justified.

No help is given without a prior social investigation, either one already done by another social organisation that refers the case to us for comprehensive coverage or supplementary aid, or directly by our department.

The Red Cross applies itself to granting aid according to everyone’s situation, and undertakes to provide the best answers by offering sustainable solutions.

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