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Civilian First Aid


With its 150 active volunteers and 9 employee members, the first aid section, placed under the responsibility of Dr Mathieu Liberatore, focuses all its activities on two main areas:

  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Life-saving techniques training

Thanks to its preventive actions and first-aid training, the section actively helps to implement the First Aid and Emergency Care strategy established at the Government of Monaco’s request, in partnership with other players involved in relief efforts in the Principality. The goal of this strategy is to “save + lives». 

In Monaco, as in the 192 other countries around the world where our Movement is present, the Monaco Red Cross plays an auxiliary role to the public authorities. Consequently, our role is also to assist the state authorities in its various missions including public security, civil protection, education, coordination for the organisation of events, as well as health and social action.

For many years our emergency workers have been taking action on several fronts by taking part in:

  • Preliminary emergency arrangements the aim of which is to ensure health coverage during sports and cultural events in the Principality;
  • Ambulance on-call services with the Monaco Fire Brigade. This enables our teams to perfect their first aid techniques with professionals and to create synergy between our entities;
  • plans de secours et exercices préalables, en cas de catastrophe quelle qu’elle soit (sanitaire, naturelle,…);
  • Back-up abroad, with our sister societies (France, Italy, Germany, Belgium…) to reinforce their staff and share their experience as far as large-scale arrangements are concerned.

First aid training is a key component of our section whether it be geared towards the general public, school children, State services, the City Council, private businesses or its own team members. The training centre and our educational committee made up of employees and volunteers provide various training sessions from short initiation courses to trainer instructor training as well as first-aid worker (PSE1-PSE2), emergency response team leader (CEI) and water rescue (BNSSA) certification: all our qualifications are recognised in the Principality and in France.

Who can becom a first-aid volunteer?

1. Knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills:

  • be physically fit and able to carry heavy loads
  • have irreproachable appearance and behaviour in all activities both locally and outside the Principality
  • have team spirit
  • have time

2. Conditions for access:

  • Male or female aged over 16
  • Minimum qualification: level 1 diplôme de Prévention et Secours Civiques (basic first aid certificate) obtained within last 2 years
  • Has followed the volunteering – basic training course (Volontariat, cours de base) on the International Federation’s e-learning platform.

Contact our office by email to arrange a meeting with the First Aid Director

To follow a first aid training PSC1 or IDSA, please click on First Aid training

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