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In situations of insecurity or emergency in Monaco, or concerning the development programmes abroad, the Monegasque Red Cross needs your support to undertake actions and to help the most vulnerable persons.

Your donations enable the Monegasque Red Cross to develop its actions locally and in the world :

  • Locally with rental assistance, student grants, food tickets, clothing…
  • Internationally the Monegasque Red Cross is able to respond to emergency calls and support development assistance projects…

To donate to the Monaco Red Cross is to give it the means of helping out struggling persons daily.

How to donate


Select a predefined amount, or put the amount you wish to donate.


You may choose to allocate the sum to a special operation by selecting it among the options appearing in the drop-down list. Choose “nothing in particular” if you have no preference.

If you wish to define the amount of the donation yourself, you may also leave a message related to the allocation of the sums paid.


You will then be taken to a page asking you for your contact details, before making the secure payment via our interface Payline. If you wish, you may then choose the payment currency.

Confirmation e-mail

After payment, you will receive an e-mail message summarising your donation.


From the payment interface, click on the button “Return to shop” to go back to the website of the Monaco Red Cross, where you will be able to print a receipt.

The Monaco Red Cross thanks you for your generosity.

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