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1. The Résidence Bellando de Castro

At the Résidence Bellando de Castro many varied activities take place throughout the year.

Celebrations, tea parties and shows follow one another according to a schedule always set up so that everyone can enjoy themselves :

  • As early as January, celebrations begin with Epiphany. The “Wise Men” offer a choice of varied lots for all the winners of a super-bingo, then snacks with cake, champagne and sweets, before crowning 3 Kings and 3 Queens drawn by lots.
  • In February, a happy carnival enchants the residents every year.
  • For Easter, a pleasant distribution of chocolate hens and eggs, with snacks and super-bingo.
  • A traditional lucky charm, the 1st of May lily of the valley.
  • Mother’s and Father’s Day ends this nice programme.

With the arrival of summer, very nice outings are organised around the Principality. They are always followed by delicious snacks generously offered by hotels or by kind donors.

The enthusiasm of the volunteer team does not stop there. Apart from the visits, expected so eagerly every day – precious moments for sharing and listening – there are also bingo games every Monday for the faithful players, exciting talks sometimes take place during which participants are especially interested in the topic of the Principality.

2. The Résidence Giaume

At the end of 2006 another branch of the Monegasque Red Cross was created. As soon as it opened, this new organisation received a very warm welcome. A varied and pleasant programme has been set up by 7 volunteer ladies and one volunteer gentleman, united by the same desire to entertain and to comfort.

  • Daily visits (more than 1,000) enable to better know the problems of each resident, who appreciate these moments of listening and sharing.
  • Every Friday afternoon a bingo game is organised, with important lots, and a super bingo on special occasions.

The celebrations included :

  • The arrival of the Wise Men loaded with gifts for the Epiphany Kings and Queens.
  • All the residents’ birthdays
  • Mother’s and Father’s Day, always somewhat nostalgic, in spite of the flowers and gifts offered to every one.

Other celebrations are also added according to what is available :

  • Recitals of old songs.
  • Flower arrangement contests.
  • Outings and visits in the vicinity, followed by delicious snacks offered by the Principality’s hotels.

The Résidence du Cap Fleuri

At the Résidence du Cap Fleuri volunteer ladies contribute every year many hours of presence to make the esidents’ lives more pleasant.

  • Visits to tired persons who stay in their rooms alternate with recreational afternoons and outdoor walks. During these visits, magazines and books selected among the 370 held by the library are distributed, as well as shoes and toiletries. Listening, smiling, chatting is precious and indispensable.
  • Bingo games are organised regularly. The winners receive very nice lots and delicious snacks every time.
  • Before summer returns, birthday or traditional holiday celebrations bring the residents together in the large dining room.
  • Carefully selected gifts are offered for Epiphany, Easter or Mother’s Day.

When spring comes, walks resume. For the more able-bodied, it is always a great pleasure to see or rediscover the gardens and the new achievements of the Principality. These walks always end with delicious snacks, most of the time offered by generous donors.

A Qiétüdine

The Residence for elderly people has opened its doors in the spring 2010. Everything was conceived for the residents’ comfort. Very quickly, the Monegasque Red Cross has created a section of volunteer ladies of which Mrs. Annick Santero is in charge. As early as October 2010 various recreational activities have been proposed to the new residents :

  • Visits
  • Bingo games
  • Distribution of newspapers and magazines
  • Celebration of name-days and birthdays.

During the celebration of the 1st Christmas of the Residence, decoration workshops were set up so as to enable the residents to make their own Christmas decorations.

Nearness of the harbour, the shopping streets and stores enables the residents to go out on their own.

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