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Overview of World Red Cross Day

Six young women from Afghanistan's AYENDA women's soccer team at the Monaco Red Cross.

Youth Department

Child and youth support is one of the key focus areas of the Monaco Red Cross’s 2030 strategy.   Pôle Avenir, an internal structure of the Monaco Red Cross, was created in January 2016 in order to implement a youth mobilisation strategy.

Actions for youth 

Pôle Avenir develops, thanks to various public and private partnerships, activities for children and youth aged between 2 and 35. It seeks to raise the awareness of Monaco’s younger generation with regard to humanitarian issues and to promote good practice for safe and secure lifestyles. It advocates humanitarian values and provides key information to youngsters concerning the world they live in.

Young and committed 

Young people offer essential skills: proximity, openness to the world, dissemination of values, involvement, integration of innovation and communication…They should be encouraged to donate their time within a structure which can give them much in return.

Strengthening the role and place of youth as players in solidarity and change means promoting intergenerationality, essential for the implementation and continuity of our action.

The Pôle centralises relations with various networks and galvanises each section and department so that voluntary members aged between 16 and 35 are aware of and take part in the various experiences offered by our Movement.  And there is a whole range on offer! Trips, photo competitions, videos, gatherings, shared experiences, training, events… Tremendous opportunities for everyone!

How to get started

If you would like to become a voluntary member:

  1. Decide which of the activities we carry out suit you. In order to do so, log onto the section “our actions”.
  2. On the “Contacts” page, you will find the contact details for the section you are interested in. Send us an email or call us explaining your incentives, so that we can schedule an appointment where you will be able to tell us about your motivations.
  3. Following this appointment which will determine whether the needs of the Monaco Red Cross match your requirements, you will be able to join our team.
  4. As soon as the administrative registration procedure is completed, you will automatically be monitored by Pôle Avenir, while you carry out your normal voluntary work.

If you want to set up a project:

Pôle Avenir will take your request into consideration and will provide financial support if need be, but above all methodological support to help you develop your solidarity project!

Youth and leadership

The Monaco Red Cross encourages leadership among its young voluntary members both within the organisation and in society. To this end, it offers leadership training and fosters genuine intergenerational dialogue at all levels. Its youth mobilisation strategy also consists in advocating youth involvement in the decision-making process.

L'actualité de la Croix Rouge Monégasque

Six young women from Afghanistan's AYENDA women's soccer team at the Monaco Red Cross.

The Monaco Red Cross was delighted to welcome six young women from Afghanistan's AYENDA women's soccer team. Forced to flee Afghanistan after the T...

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Overview of World Red Cross Day

On 8th May 2024, the Monaco Red Cross opened its doors to the public to celebrate World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. This date marks the anniversar...

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