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The Red Cross’s big family reunited to celebrate the 40-year presidency of Prince Albert II.

Hospital Assistance

Increased contacts and exchanges

Always wishing to help patients, the Hospital Assistance Section provides all its activity and its presence in the various departments of the Princess Grace Hospital. Sweets, magazines, books are given out regularly, during visits expected and appreciated by the patients.

A library rich with 4,000 books, also in foreign languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish) is open every afternoon and available to everyone.

In addition to visits to the hospital, there are meetings in Cap-Fleuri with the long and medium term residents. They find a lot of comfort in these precious contacts when loneliness becomes too difficult to bear. Volunteer ladies go three times a week to the Gerontology-Psychiatry Department and strive to diversify activities: creation of floral arrangements to decorate the rooms, parlour games, conversations, commenting the news, all this to stimulate speech and thought.

Other meeting times are planned for during the year

Birthdays, traditional holidays, Christmas, Epiphany, Mothers’ Day, are times of comfort and pleasure for everyone, especially appreciated when members of the Prince’s Family share these moments with Their warm sympathy.

Team work is also present in other sectors; they have the same concern to provide their generous help.

  • Participation of the volunteer ladies to the “Huge Clearance Sale” of the Monegasque Red Cross.
  • Shipment of crates of sweets, toys, pencils to sick children, to the Niamey Hospital which Drs. Lascar and Repiquet had visited during a mission of the Monegasque Red Cross
  • Distribution of clothes, magazines, books, toys to various organisations of the Principality or to the social departments of the neighbouring towns; they become increasingly necessary and they have to be “collected” very quickly.

Privileged moments

The presence of the Prince’s Family during certain events provides even more pleasure and comfort.

L'actualité de la Croix Rouge Monégasque

The Red Cross’s big family reunited to celebrate the 40-year presidency of Prince Albert II.

Saturday 17th December 2022 : T.S.H. Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene accompanied by the royal children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, ...

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