Under the aegis of the Monegasque Red Cross

“The association is you and us together for the promotion and practice of nursing care”

This Association represents all the nurses of the Principality of Monaco.

It has been registered with the International Council of Nurses in Geneva since 1986.


  • To represent nurses within the largest international organisation grouping together health professionals.
  • To group together and maintain union and solidarity among its members.
  • To contribute :
  1. to the development of the profession by helping nurses improve their theoretical and practical experience.
  2. to the development of research by informing its members about new professional and social matters concerning their activities.

The 10 member Board of Directors elected for three years

  • President : Mr. Jean-Pierre VALENTIN (Cadre de Santé Service de Réanimation C.H.P.G)
  • Vice-President : Mrs. Emmanuelle DUFOUR (Infirmière à Domicile)
  • Treasurer : Mrs. Angeline PENA-PRADO (Cadre de Santé du Centre Hémodialyse Privé de Monaco)
  • Secretary : Mrs. Catherine MAUPAS (Cadre Infirmier à la retraite)
  • Councillors : Mrs. Alice GIRAUD (infirmière) et Mrs. Virginie JONSSON (Infirmière à domicile), et Mrs. Monique ONIMUS (infirmière puéricultrice). 
Documents to download


Professional information bulletin for nurses, child care nurses, surgical unit nurses, anaesthetist nurses, executives : (french version)

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