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Monaco Red Cross Press Conference

The Monaco Red Cross launches a video contest

Ukraine: The Monaco Red Cross remains mobilised

Published on 03.05.2022

In addition to the mobilisation of funds, the Monaco Red Cross is offering its expertise in crisis management on both an international and local scale. 

  • Action in the field, a team from the Monaco Red Cross sets off

In the morning of Wednesday 20th April, a team from the Monaco Red Cross flew to Romania. This operation is being conducted in partnership with the Italian Red Cross (IRC) as part of the deployment of a logistics hub in Suceava.

Setting up the logistics hub in Suceava, Romania, in partnership with the IRC

The participation of CRM is being supplemented by a donation amounting to €220,000 to the IRC in order to complete the operation successfully.

  • The Monaco Red Cross has raised funds for individuals impacted by the conflict in Ukraine

As soon as the appeal for donations was launched by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in response to the armed conflict in Ukraine, the Monaco Red Cross, in solidarity with the Movement, immediately reacted by raising funds for those impacted by the conflict. Funds amounting to €1,560,000 have been raised.

From these funds, €600,000 has been allocated to the ICRC for emergency relief, repairs to critical infrastructure, supplying healthcare facilities with drugs and equipment, supporting families with food, water, and sanitary materials.

€350,000 has been allocated to the IFRC to help refugees exposed to conflict in the area. The IFRC is providing support to the most exposed individuals, especially unaccompanied minors, single parent families, as well as the elderly and those with disabilities.

  • In addition to international actions, a number of local activities have been implemented in which the Red Cross is involved:

The measures taken as a response to the situation in Ukraine are based on cooperation between the Monaco Red Cross and the Government of Monaco.

Administrative aid, which includes the formalities for making a declaration to the Sûreté Publique, applications for financial aid from the Department of Social Welfare and Social Services, requests for schooling for child refugees. In addition to the above measures, the following services are also available: support for adults to learn the French language in partnership with the Alliance Française, financial aid from the Red Cross social services, and psychological help through the CHPG’s medico-psychological emergency unit and the Monaco Red Cross’s counselling services.

To find out more: actions Ukraine

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