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Overview of World Red Cross Day

Six young women from Afghanistan's AYENDA women's soccer team at the Monaco Red Cross.

The Red Cross pays tribute to its graduates

Published on 12.04.2023

Tuesday 4th April 2023:  Following the Annual Meeting of the Monaco Red Cross, T.S.H. Prince Albert II, President of the Monaco Red Cross, accompanied by Camille Gottlieb, member of the Red Cross Board of Directors in charge of youth affairs, and Doctor Mathieu Liberatore, Head of First Aid and Training, presented first-aid diplomas at the graduation ceremony held in the Rainier III Auditorium.

In 2022, 3,892 individuals were educated, initiated, trained or retrained through various first aid and rescue courses.  Among them, 1,149 individuals followed PSCA training (Level 1 prevention and first aid) and 1,814 took a first-aid initiation course.

For several years, the Monaco Red Cross has been keen to educate people from the earliest age on first-aid. Suitably adapted initiation courses were offered to children in primary and nursery school children in the Principality, with 630 children initiated in first aid and 259 in PREVIC (Prevention of Risks of Everyday Life).

This year we have seen a marked increase in the number of requests for continuous training, which is essential to keep your skills up to date and make it easier to take action if you witness an accident.

The Monaco Red Cross extends its warmest congratulations to all its graduates.

The Monaco Red Cross offers various training courses which are geared towards individuals, associations and businesses, and which are made possible thanks to the work and involvement of the training teams and instructors. All these courses come at a cost and the Monaco Red Cross, which covers these expenses, would like to encourage businesses and individuals to make a donation so that it is able to continue to offer high-quality training courses to everyone.

You can make your contribution:

  • Via our website, under the section make a donation and selecting “training”.
  • By cheque (payable to the Monaco Red Cross – training)
  • Or in cash to be left at the head offices of the Monaco Red Cross – 27 bd de Suisse, 98000 Monaco (tel. +377 97 97 68 00).


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Six young women from Afghanistan's AYENDA women's soccer team at the Monaco Red Cross.

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