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Overview of World Red Cross Day

World Red Cross Day: The Monaco Red Cross opens its doors to the public

Combatting social exclusion through first aid

Published on 14.10.2019

First aid is one of the finest acts of humanity and is a core element of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement’s principles. By increasing the number of people able to save lives thanks to their first aid skills, we are actively and significantly helping to make society more resilient and in a better position to cope with crises. World First Aid Day is an annual event whose date and theme are determined by the Red Cross and Red Crescent Federation. It provides an opportunity to promote first aid techniques among the general public.

Monaco, 20/09/2019 – The annual event organised for the public by Monaco’s first aid workers has once again this year met with great success. All visitors were welcome, whether beginners or experienced first aiders. World First Aid Day took place in Monaco on Saturday 14th September 2019 with the focus on first aid for the “most vulnerable” individuals, who have little or no access to the awareness-raising initiatives implemented by the Red Cross in this field. Therefore, first aid workers from the Monaco Red Cross set off to meet a target audience, including the elderly, the disabled, detainees and families that are struggling.

Our teams were eager to spring into action: 13 first aid instructors and 15 voluntary workers from the Red Cross departments of the Bellando de Castro, Giaume and A Qietudine retirement homes, together with instructors from the Monaco Fire Brigade, enabled 111 individuals to learn about first aid and gain some basic first aid skills.

Throughout the day participants were introduced to first aid techniques, were given prevention tips, and enjoyed various games and other fun activities. A lottery bingo was specifically set up for the event with messages on how to prevent dehydration, falls, the importance of an alerting device (bell…) tailored to those taking part. All the players were able to enjoy tea-time refreshments and were given a much-appreciated gift (toiletries, towel, perfume…) courtesy of our trusted partners.

The theme of this World Day offered all the trainers a great opportunity for self development, on both a human and educational level. They had to demonstrate their ability to adapt their teaching methods to address this particular audience so that the skills could be taken on board. As for the newly initiated, they were keen to express their appreciation, not only for the first aid skills they had learned, but also for the boost to their self-confidence.


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