In December 2015 the Monegasque Red Cross adopted its strategy for the next five years. A review of a simple and effective plan.

Soon 70 years old, the Monegasque Red Cross is a key organisation in the field of solidarity in Monaco. Working chiefly in the health and social welfare sectors, every year it enables thousands of people to benefit from its daily action, in particular thanks to over 500 dedicated voluntary members.

In a changing environment where new vulnerabilities are identified, it has to adapt its action constantly to support those who are suffering and to raise public awareness. For seven years, requests to its social services have been steadily increasing, reflecting the social impact of the economic crisis that has hit Europe. Care for the elderly is also extremely important in the Principality and the opening of a unit in the new gerontology centre, the Rainier III Clinic, demonstrates the commitment of the Red Cross towards our seniors.

The Monegasque Red Cross also has a deep commitment to risk and disaster prevention and training. It offers full first aid training, totally free of charge, to individuals who so request, in addition to maintaining aid stations within the Principality, thereby meeting ever-increasing demands during events with flexibility and responsiveness

Children and youth have not been forgotten: for several years, the Monegasque Red Cross has helped and supported young project leaders, helped to train and guide young leaders and has increased youth awareness about its fundamental principles and humanitarian values. It also plays an informative role concerning security, international humanitarian law and various health topics: hand and teeth hygiene, prevention of the effects of the sun on health in the summer, prevention of the dangers of daily life for the youngest; prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and information on addiction for teenagers…

Finally, since 2007 the Monegasque Red Cross has continuously strengthened its action at an international level. In addition to systematically responding to humanitarian crises across the globe, it has developed bilateral activities with national Red Cross Societies, such as the Burkina Faso Red Cross, which houses a Monegasque Red Cross office within its headquarters.

All the above activities will be reinforced over the next few years, as will the capabilities of this major Monegasque organisation, with the support of the Government of Monaco, its loyal benefactors and companies in the private sector that wish to benefit from a premium and efficient brand for their social responsibility actions.

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