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The 73rd Monaco Red Cross Gala

The Arts perform for the benefit of the Monaco Red Cross

Nick Danziger exhibition

Published on 16.11.2020

Nick Danziger exhibition : les héros du quotidien

Since the beginning of the health crisis linked to Covid-19, nursing staff have been put to the test. The National Association of Nurses of Monaco (ANIM), under the aegis of the Monaco Red Cross, wanted to produce a photo-essay to bear witness to the work of Monaco’s nurses on the front line, facing the coronavirus pandemic during this « International Year of Nurses ». The Monaco Red Cross wanted this report to also bear witness to the commitment of other Monegasque institutions treating the Covid-19 crisis.

Even if fear and anxiety are often present while facing the dangers linked to the coronavirus, all these workers, volunteers or salaried employees have shown exemplary courage and dedication.

  • Nick Danziger is a renowned photographer, documentary filmmaker and travel writer. He is a photographer of course, but also a documentary filmmaker and chronicler of our daily life.

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