Whereas the Monegasque Red Cross does not have the opportunity of dealing in the national territory with injured or wounded soldiers or victims of natural disasters, it helps out in many other sectors where humanitarian principles dear to Henry Dunant find a daily application.

Even in the most privileged countries there are situations of distress that must be alleviated: illness, old age, difficult situations, these are cases where the Red Cross gets involved regularly. Faithful to its humanitarian calling, it often fulfils its mission of protection and assistance, discretely, but always efficiently.


To the daily activities implemented by the services of the Monegasque Red Cross, one may add many one-off operations to assist people confronted with difficult situations: paying for the costs related to a long-term medical treatment or a surgical operation, paying for the costs of annual student scholarships, aid to the disabled, etc.

Special events for elderly and destitute people are organised at Christmas and for the Monegasque National Holiday.

It brings material aid to hospitalised patients by offering destitute persons some clothes, moral support, by giving out magazines, organising recreational activities or quite simply by lending a supportive ear

It is also present in the Principality’s retirement homes or convalescent centres where the same activities are proposed to the guests.

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