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Action in progress

BURKINA FASO : Protection and education of young female, home helps



In Burkina Faso, it is estimated that two thirds of urban households currently use the services of a home help. These home helps are usually young girls from rural regions who are sent to the city by their families with the hope of better living conditions.

According to a study conducted by Terre des Hommes in 2003, 45% of these girls are in a difficult position or are being exploited. In large cities, their living and working conditions are often poor: physical, psychological and emotional violence, sexual harassment and abuse, unauthorised child labour, insufficiently or poorly paid work, excessive work load, non respect by some employers of the rights of the working child, illness and pregnancy – these are some of the many problems they can encounter. Moreover, fear, language, geographical and cultural barriers, in addition to a lack of resources impede their access to welfare services.

Today, migration and the domestic labour of young girls have become a major issue.



The aim of the project is to contribute to the sustainable improvement of the living conditions of young girls ready to abandon the land and those already employed in the sector of domestic work in urban surroundings by :

  • Promoting respect of the rights
  • Promoting educational development through elimination of illiteracy and professional training
  • Developing socio-economic well-being

The goals of the project should be reached thanks to three additional focus areas:

  • Prevention and social mobilisation in the home village 

Aid to schooling in the original village to postpone the age at which young girls leave; aid to the development of income-generating activities for young girls and their families; professional training in domestic trades so that the girls wishing to leave may do so in the best possible conditions.

  • Protection and social mobilisation in destination towns  

Psychosocial support for young female domestic workers; giving value to the occupation of home help; training / mobilisation of landlords and employers; lobbying activities among the public authorities.

  • Training and promotion of professional skills 

Literacy programmes ; development of vocational training thanks to innovative partnerships ; offering other professional alternatives.

To date, over 20 people are active on site in order to coordinate and manage the project properly.

In the light of the encouraging results of the first phase of the project (JFAF 1), a second phase is scheduled to begin (JFAF 2).

Activity period:

JFAF 1: 2011 – 2013
JFAF 2: End 2013- 2016

Project funding / partners:

The overall budget for the project amounts to 500,000 € fully funded by a private donor.

The partner for this project is the Burkina Faso Red Cross.


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Action in progress

Project Note

Purpose: Education and protection of young female home helps
Beneficiaries: 800 young girls, urban employers, village populations
Partner: Burkinabe Red Cross / private donor
Budget: 500,000 Euros
Period: 2014-2016

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