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International Solidarity

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International Solidarity

Humanitarian action implemented by the Monaco Red Cross is not limited to the first few months of relief : very often, emergency aid is not sufficient; the core of humanitarian work consists of restoring to the populations the living conditions they enjoyed prior to the humanitarian disaster of which they are victims.

Consequently, the Monegasque Red Cross, acting as support to local competencies, provides the basic services necessary in the field to ensure the well-being of the populations affected both now and in the future.

The Monegasque Red Cross’s international humanitarian section is responsible for providing assistance to vulnerable people across the globe and bringing projects to a successful completion, particularly in West Africa.

Its areas of intervention are varied: community health, the fight against social exclusion and climate change effects, capacity building, as well as disaster preparation and response. The section is also responsible for distributing International Humanitarian Law (see « training » section).

Since it was set up in 2007, the international humanitarian section has been under the responsibility of Dr Michel-Yves Mourou, a member of the Monegasque Red Cross’s Board of Directors. Activities are implemented by Mr Claude Fabbretti and his team.

We cannot emphasise it enough… your donations and your commitment make our actions possible.These extensive activities require both financial and human resources. Thanks to the work and dedication of volunteers in the field, independent consultants, trainees, voluntary workers and the employees of the Monegasque Red Cross, the team is able to continue its mission.

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faites un don

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