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73ème Gala de la Croix-Rouge monégasque

Francesco Rocca réélu à la présidence de la Fédération internationale

The ongoing project of the Red Cross Training Center in Loumbila


The ongoing project in Loumbila

The complex is progressively taking shape:

  • The central Pavilion built with containers is being reassembled (level R + 3 completed) ;
  • The building of the bungalows have started (4 rooms already built – total amount 70 rooms) ;
  • A 10 m3 deep flow has been dug.

Within the next months, the bungalows, the swimming pools, the changing rooms, the bar, the semi-olympic pool, the laundry, the dormitories, o (à enlever), the photovoltaic field and the realization of a second drilling will come up

The Burkinabé Red Cross and the Monaco Red Cross will take part in the 9th Panafrican Conference which will be held in Abidjan from April 9 to 12, 2017.

On this occasion, we would like to invite you to visit our exhibition stand dedicated to the Red Cross Training Center of Loumbila.

We are happy to meet you there and to give you more detailed information about the project.

As a reminder, the Training Center has 3 main goals :

  • To provide training to all National Societies and West Africa countries partners in order to strengthen their capacities and operational skills; 
  • To provide professional training in the areas of hospitality and catering (application ground) to vulnerable people;
  • To provide income for the Red Cross to deal with the many humanitarian challenges Burkina Faso is facing.

You’ll find more information on this project through the following links: or



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