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Nick Danziger exhibition

The Walanpatrias Foundation supports the victims of Storm Alex

Health and Prevention

About Us

The Health and Prevention section is managed by Ms Dominique Martet, who sits on the Board of Directors of the Monaco Red Cross. Her primary function is to play an active role in in the field of health and prevention, especially among young people. She is also involved in the provision of standby first aid cover in the Principality, working in collaboration with the first aid section.

Members of this section comprise medical personnel (doctors)? together with paramedics and/or students.

Ms. Céline Laval is her Deputy and co-worker in the section.


This section has 123 volunteers.

What we do

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The section takes an active role in prevention and in the health education of the population of Monaco, especially young people both in the school environment and out of school, by providing educational material and running workshops in line with needs: oral hygiene, personal hygiene, safety at home, nutrition etc.,


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and for adults: addiction, risk behaviours etc.


Being a volunteer with the Health and Prevention section also involves manning first-aid posts as part of a team alongside first-aiders, and following specialised complementary training courses if you so wish.

Volunteers can join various sections of the Red Cross, which currently has 600 volunteers.

Find out everything the Red Cross does on our website : For further information, please arrange an appointment.

Practical information

1. Registration:

  • Please send your CV to Ms. Dominique Martet, head of the section :
  • We recommend that you follow the e-Learning course on volunteering (basic training) prior to registering.
  • An interview will be held with the head of the section at a time to be arranged.
  • Applications must include: photocopy of professional diploma, three identity photographs and an application form to be filled in. You will be given a Volunteers Charter, which is to be read carefully and signed.

2. Subscription

The annual subscription is €2 minimum and this must be paid in the first quarter of the calendar year. If you join several sections, the subscription is payable only once, to your principal section.

3. Representation

One delegate per 15 volunteer members represents the section at the Annual General Meeting, which usually takes place in March. The delegates are elected for two years.


The Monaco Red Cross is a partner in the e-Learning platform of the International Federation. We recommend that you register on the platform to follow the wide range of training courses on offer.

  1. E-Learning

Two online training courses are compulsory at :

  • ‘Volunteering, basic training’ (1 hour)
  • ‘Staff Code of Conduct’ course (3 hours)

Other training courses are available on the online training platform of The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (World of Red Cross – WORC, Community-Based Health and First Aid – CBHFA, etc.)

Please forward your training certificates to us once these have been obtained.

2. Other classroom training sessions are offered by the section

  • The role of the caregiver in the first aid team in order to define each person’s role (7 hours)
  • Training session for school nurses (knowledge update) (3 hours)
  • External diploma courses: ATCN, university diplomas in emergency care, disasters…

3. The section encourages its members to take part in conferences and lectures in connection with its objectives: emergencies, resuscitation, hygiene, public health etc. (e.g. SFAR, JMARU, SF2H)

Congresses and Conferences

Nurses take part in Congresses and attend Medical Conferences.

Collège de formation médicale continue : Sous la Présidence du Docteur Mathieu Liberatore

Conferences take place in : ” l’Amphithéâtre Lou Clapas “, Avenue Jacques ABBA, 06230 CAP D’AIL.


You will receive most information by e-mail (suggested training courses, lectures, volunteering, monthly first-aid posts chart, etc.)

To contact the section, please telephone: +377 97976821 Mondays to Fridays between 8:30 and 12:30 or between 14:00 and 17:30 except on Wednesdays: 8:30 – 12:30.

You can e-mail us at and/or


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