Biography of His Excellency Philippe Narmino


His Excellency Philippe NARMINO, Plenipotentiary Minister, was born on 16 December 1953 in MONACO. He has Monegasque nationality; he is married with two children.

A magistrate by training and graduate from the French Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature, His Excellency Philippe NARMINO has namely served as President of the Court of First Instance of the Principality of Monaco from 1998 to 2006. In January 2006, he was called upon to become Head of Legal Services and President of the Council of State. This position, which until then had been assigned to high-ranking magistrates seconded from France, is now exercised for the first time by a Monegasque citizen. He retired on 23rd September 2017; he has been awarded honorary status.

In a personal capacity, His Excellency Philippe NARMINO acts pro bono as the Vice-President of the Monegasque Red Cross and as a Judge at the international Court of appeal of the International Automobile Federation.

Among other awards, His Excellency Philippe NARMINO is Commander of the Order of Saint-Charles.

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