Forced migration: an international priority

“Many are those who keep on being displaced because of conflicts or disasters, but also those who are forced to migrate…”

On Tuesday 16 October 2012, the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies will publish the 20th edition of the Report on world disasters, devoted to the matter of forced migration and displacement. Over 70 million persons are forced migrants. Over 20 million of them are caught in the trap of “extended exile” and live in camps or urban areas of wildlife habitat. Therefore they have no access to basic social services and have a hard time finding work. By launching the Report on world disasters, governments are called upon to make sure that migrants, whatever their legal status, have access to the services they need and are treated with dignity. It is envisaged to create more flexible forms of citizenship and adopt strategies to favour the integration of migrants in their host community.

The Monaco Red Cross joins all the National Societies and invites you to celebrate the official launching of the Report by visiting the website of the International Federation (

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