A few weeks after typhoon Haiyan struck, a concrete solution is being provided to support the thousands of people affected by the disaster in the Philippines.

On 12th November 2013, the Monaco Red Cross launched an appeal for donations following the devastation wrought by the typhoon which is thought to have affected 11 million people in the Philippines. Over 300,000 Euros has currently been raised which will enable action to be implemented on site. But that is not all : details of successful mobilisation.

“Many people have lost their home and are in a desperate situation. These people need food, shelter and water. It will be a long road towards rehabilitation”, says Richard Gordon, Chairman of the Philippine Red Cross.

308,234.45 Euros raised in Monaco

The Red Cross is therefore going to be able to help its sister organisation the Philippine Red Cross to provide basic humanitarian aid to thousands of families affected by the disaster. The Monaco Red Cross is contributing towards two main actions:

  • 80,000 € of aid to supply food, drinking water and shelter in addition to other essential goods to 100,000 families over an 18-month period, by contributing towards the action of the Philippine Red Cross supported by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
  • 80,000 € of aid to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) which will complement the support to the victims. “We will be providing essential aid: food, water, shelter and community healthcare. We are also going to help the members of separated families so that they can be reunited, and work with the authorities to provide decent living conditions for the detainees”, explains Alain Aeschlimann, Head of Operations for the ICRC in this region.
  • The remaining funds will be sent over the next few weeks according to needs.

The Philippines, one of the countries most prone to natural disasters

The Philippine Red Cross has had to cope with a number of emergency situations, including typhoons and flooding in September 2013, and more recently an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2, which hit Bohol. As such, an amount of 30,000 € was released by the Monaco Red Cross in order to continue to provide support for the various actions already implemented.

Support for Monegasque organisations

Amade Mondiale (whose headquarters are located in Monaco) and Virlanie (a local Foundation) have been working together for close to fifteen years in an effort to rehouse vulnerable families in the shantytowns of Manila. The Monaco Red Cross has released 50,000 € in support of their joint project. Subsequently, Amade Mondiale is launching its “Bangon Probinsya” operation with the aim of permanently rehousing 47 families including concrete activities to purchase land and build housing in their home province; while covering schooling for children over a 3-year period and facilitating access to health care and micro-credit services.

The Monaco Red Cross is involved with all types of associations, whether small or large. This is the case for the Philippine Association of Monaco, which received 10,000 € from the Monaco Red Cross to fund the postage costs of parcels for disaster-stricken families.

The situation in the Philippines, still tragic, warrants the attention and aid of all. You can continue to help by sending your donations to the Monaco Red Cross, mentioning “Philippines” by the post to

27, Bd de Suisse,98000 Monaco or by logging onto our website : www.croix-rouge.mc.

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