Internationally the Monegasque Red Cross operates mainly in Burkina Faso where it implements, with the Burkina Faso Red Cross, projects in various sectors such as health, childhood, food security, water, hygiene, sanitation and primary care.

Today the two Red Cross societies, supported by their respective governments, are facing their greatest humanitarian challenge: to transform the Monaco Pavilion from the 2015 Milan Universal Exposition into the main element of an innovative and sustainable training and accommodation centre close to Ouagadougou (the capital of Burkina Faso).

This 6-hectare complex, which will be opening its premises close to the future international airport in 2017, will be composed of the pavilion itself (conference and meeting rooms, restaurant area), accommodation units, sports grounds, a nautical rescue centre, a gardening area and a photovoltaic field. 85% of the pavilion’s functions will be maintained and the building will meet HQE standards (High Environmental Quality).

The main purpose of the centre will be to provide training in primary care, not only at national level but also in the whole West African sub-region. The Burkina Faso Red Cross will be able to use these facilities but also make them available to other organisations for various events, seminars and congresses. Finally, vocational training, in particular in the hotel and catering sector, will be available for vulnerable individuals. The income generated by this centre will enable the Burkina Faso Red Cross to meet the humanitarian challenges of the country, ranking 183 out of 187 in terms of its human development index.

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