Both Niger Red Cross and Burkina Faso Red Cross benefit today from radio networks which will allow better coordination amongst volunteers in case of an emergency.

Communication is crucial in emergency situations. During various missions which Monaco Red Cross has conducted on ground in partnership with Niger Red Cross and Burkina Faso Red Cross, it has been observed that the volunteers use their personal cell phones to intervene. This procedure is particularly difficult in these countries where, in many areas, cellular coverage is scarce.

Monaco Red Cross worked with two peer societies to obtain and install workable radio networks. A radio belonging to Monaco Red Cross was given to Burkina Faso Red Cross and Société Monégasque de l’Electricité et du Gaz generously donated one to Niger Red Cross.

Two missions took place to ensure proper routing of the material as well as the installation process. In order to achieve this, Monaco Red Cross called upon the services of Emmanuel, a consultant from Burundi specialized in telecommunication, who was sent to Burkina Faso in February 2013 and to Niger in May 2013.

Emmanuel stayed one month in each country to set up the radio network, to install both sending and receiving antennas and to assemble the apparatus. Additionally, Monaco Red Cross took care to ensure the sustainability of the projects. Members of the two national societies received training in order to be able to maintain the networks and to handle necessary repairs. Emmanuel will share his knowledge with the others so they can become independent in the future.

The radio networks are now operational within Niger Red Cross and Burkina Faso Red Cross. The members have learned to run them and are able to act with greater efficiency in emergency situations. Monaco Red Cross, proud of the success of this mission, thanks Monaco government for their financial support and to Emmanuel for his professionalism.

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